3 Ways To Take Advantage Of The Digital World During This Time

3 Ways Emerging Fashion Designers Can Take Advantage Of The Digital World During This Time

The digital space is where it’s at—especially in this time of COVID-19 and lockdowns. We’ve seen that the internet and social media has become a safe haven for many.  It has become a way of connecting with those we aren’t able to interact with physically. For people across all industries, learning to leverage the online space to your advantage is important; especially for those of us in the world of fashion. Here are three ways emerging fashion designers can utilize the digital world:

  1. Community Building

    People do business with those that they know, like and trust. Social media has presented us with a unique opportunity to get to know those who we’d like to do business with on a more personal level and vice versa. Simply interacting with your followers/potential customers—asking them how they’re coping, chatting about what they’d like to see more of from you, etc. are good ways to engage with your community and build goodwill. And amazingly, it can all happen from the comfort of your home.

  2. Collaborations

    People in the fashion world have been reaching out to each other during this time for everything—from collaborating on IG Live to doing TikToks together. In this way, they are building and expanding their platforms, by engaging with others’ customer base. Fashion designers have found ways to collaborate with others in the industry, whether it’s other designers, influencers, fashion writers and much, much more! In this way, they are increasing brand visibility and encouraging potential customers to their stores.

  3. Education

    Another way designers are leveraging the digital space and building goodwill with people is by teaching and sharing information with them. This helps position designers as thought leaders and trailblazers when they share knowledge on particular topics. This might be directly related to the fashion industry for example upcoming trends or how to flatter your body type, or it might be totally unrelated content like how to maintain your mental health during the pandemic. Either way, it’s all about using this time on the digital space to build your brand and this is a good way to do so!