Innovating During The Lock Down

How Emerging Designers Can Innovate To Keep Their Business Alive

This pandemic has affected almost every single industry, from the stock markets to the airline industry. It is truly a difficult time for everyone and we are all looking for ways to weather this sudden storm. The creative sector is no different—in fact, due to its natural volatility and susceptibility to the smallest changes, creatives are especially hard hit. If you are an emerging or independent fashion designer, you are probably wondering what next? Well here are a few ideas to help your business survive COVID-19. And remember, there’s no need to be a jack of all trades—reach out to the fashion freelance community (or offer your services yourself) for assistance!

1. Improve The eCommerce Experience

Chances are, especially if you are an up and coming designer, you already have an e-platform, facilitating online sale of your brand. If for some reason you aren’t already online, this should be your first step. Since people are stuck at home, not only are they unable to visit your brick and mortar store, but have an online platform allows you to capitalize on those who are just at home scrolling and likely to impulse buy. For those who are already selling online, consider looking at ways to make your platform even more user friendly, whether it is improving the user interface, offering more purchase options or improving the mobile version of your site. Also, think about offering free shipping if possible!

2. Adapt To The Moment

We’re stuck at home right now, and for the foreseeable future. That means, people probably aren’t shopping for fancy dresses and heels. We all have our design niche, but if you are only selling evening dresses you might end up with a bit of a demand problem. For the moment, try to focus on what people want right now, that is loungewear and other cozy types of clothing. Show people how to style your pieces to make them home-appropriate, showing that you can still stay inside and look cute!

3. Look To The Future

Have a vision and really see if you can pinpoint where you think fashion is going and sell items to suit. For instance, if it is likely that we will be inside all summer, don’t try to sell those types of clothes. Instead, set your sites on the colder months and push those items by marketing them as “getting ready to be outside again”, so people will buy now, for later.